Web-GAAP - October 2, 2009 Release

  • Web-GAAP will now go to the new online help, the Web-GAAP wiki. The Web-GAAP wiki will continue to be available at http://gaapwiki.oecn.k12.oh.us/Main_Page, as well as through the application links. 

September 2009 Release of State Software Distributed

The September 2009 release of State Software Release has been distributed to OECN ITC sites.

Detailed release notes for each package can be found on the SSDT Wiki at: September 2009 Release


SSDT JIRA: Watch the sausage being made!

For some time the SSDT has been working towards making our software development process more open and transparent.  Users and ITC personnel should be able to see how we prioritize projects, what we're working on, see what's scheduled for the next release, and provide feedback if they think we're doing the wrong things.

Announcement: Java EE 5, Java 6 and Support for Java apps on OpenVMS

The SSDT has begun using new features specific to Java 6 and Java EE 5 (Enterprise Edition).  Previously, we had restricted development to Java 5 and J2EE 2.4 to preserve compatibility with versions available on OpenVMS.   However, HP has not kept pace with Java releases.

New Integrated SSDT Web Search

The default "Search" function on this web site now searches all SSDT web sites (this site, Documentation, Wiki, PDF's) with a single search.  This solves a major problem with the new web site since you had to have an idea where the information was before you could search for it.   The new search is based on Yahoo!

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