W2PROC issue reported

An issue that could effect the printing of amounts in box 12 of the W2 has been reported to us. This would only be an issue for an employee that had exactly 5 or 9 amounts that needed to be printed in box 12 on their W2 and should not impact a large number of employees. The issue is that the 5th or 9th box 12 amount was not being properly written to box 12 via an overflow W2.

EMIS Flat File Editor (EMISFFE) now Available

EMISFFE was made available on October 6th.  The application is available at ssdt.esu.k12.oh.us/emisffe/

Documentation may be found at wiki.ssdt.oecn.k12.oh.us/EMIS_Flat_File_Editor

Web-GAAP - October 2, 2009 Release

  • Web-GAAP will now go to the new online help, the Web-GAAP wiki. The Web-GAAP wiki will continue to be available at http://gaapwiki.oecn.k12.oh.us/Main_Page, as well as through the application links. 

SSDT JIRA: Watch the sausage being made!

For some time the SSDT has been working towards making our software development process more open and transparent.  Users and ITC personnel should be able to see how we prioritize projects, what we're working on, see what's scheduled for the next release, and provide feedback if they think we're doing the wrong things.

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