USASWeb v2.7 Released

V2.7 of the USASWeb and USAS SOAP service were released to the OECN ITC sites on March 28, 2011.

March 2011 Release of State Software Distributed

The March 2011 release of State Software Release has been distributed to OECN ITC sites.

Detailed release notes for each package can be found on the SSDT Wiki at:  March 2011 Release

State Software Documentation Conversion to Wiki Completed

The SSDT has completed the conversion of nearly all software User and System Manager documentation from our legacy documentation formats into the SSDT Wiki.  Links to the old formats and search pages will automatically link to the new locations.

The new Wiki is divided into "Spaces".  A space is a logical division of the Wiki.  The SSDT has used spaces to group the documentation for each major application.  See the main Documentation space for a list of the documentation space.

Migration of Software Documenation to Confluence Wiki

Over the years, the SSDT has primariliy used  DEC DOCUMENT and DocBook to create documenation.  DEC DOCUMENT (primarily used for OpenVMS "Green Screen" documenation) is an aging tool and no longer supported on OpenVMS.  DocBook was used prima

New 2010 Indiana Electronic Employer Reporting Requirement

It has recently been brought to our attention that employers who withhold Indiana State Tax for more than 25 employees must report electronically to the Indiana Department of Revenue for tax year 2010. Employers that have 25 or less employees with Indiana withholding can continue to report on paper.

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