State Software Documentation Conversion to Wiki Completed

The SSDT has completed the conversion of nearly all software User and System Manager documentation from our legacy documentation formats into the SSDT Wiki.  Links to the old formats and search pages will automatically link to the new locations.

The new Wiki is divided into "Spaces".  A space is a logical division of the Wiki.  The SSDT has used spaces to group the documentation for each major application.  See the main Documentation space for a list of the documentation space.


The new documentation site has a number of features which should make the documentation more usable by users and ITC personnel:

  • Appearance: The documentation (aside from a few conversion problems) is generally more pleasent looking and more readable.  It looks more like a web site than documentation slapped on a web site.
  • Side-bar navigation:  Each space has a "side bar" navigation for each document  and section, so you can easily move around within the space.
  • Search:  Eash space can be searched separately (in the side bar), or you can search all pages in the Wiki (in the header at the top of the page).
  • PDF Export: If you desire printable documentation, the Wiki allows  pages to be exported as PDF:
    • For indiividual pages: Use the "Tools" icon of each page.
    • For multiple pages use the "Browse->Advanced" option.  You can select as many pages as you like to create a custom documention with just the pages you need.
  • Update Tracking: Each space displays recent changes to the documentation so you can keep up with the latest updates. If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds to monitor updates to the documentation.


Because the documenation has gone through several conversions to get to WIki-format, there may be some formatting problems in the final documents.  Mostly these are incorrect wrapping, invalid nested tables, bits of excess text.  In most cases, these are minor and don't significantly impact the content.  The SSDT is actively cleaning up the documents and will repair them over time.  If you notice a specific problem, feel free to report it to

At the time of this writing, the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) have not fully indexed the new documentation, nor forgotten about the older links.  For a few days, external search sites will return inconsistent results. 

Advantages for SSDT

This conversion to Wiki format is a major step in freeing the SSDT from it's legacy documentation burden.  The new formats will allow us to maintian the documentation with fewer resources. So we will be able to update and create new documentation in a timely manner without increasing costs.


Especially for ITC's, if you have links on your web site into the documentation, the links will redirect automatically to the nearest top-level document (e.g. User Guide or Reference Guide).  However, direct links to chapter (always a dicey practice anyway) will not redirect to the same chapter. 

However, in the future, the redirects will expire and no longer function.  Therefore, we recommend you update your links to point to the Wiki pages directly.  It's preferable to use the "Tiny Link" (Tools->Link to this Page...).  The Tiny Link is not very human readable, but is stable.  The Tiny Link will always point to the same page even if it is renamed. 

We hope you find the new documenation useful and more pleasant.  Please contact us if you have any questions, problems or concerns.