New 2010 Indiana Electronic Employer Reporting Requirement

It has recently been brought to our attention that employers who withhold Indiana State Tax for more than 25 employees must report electronically to the Indiana Department of Revenue for tax year 2010. Employers that have 25 or less employees with Indiana withholding can continue to report on paper.

See for further details.
USPS does not directly support the electronic reporting of Indiana State Tax, so submission of an EFW2 tape in the format required by Indiana is not possible for USPS users. 
However, Indiana does have an online application in place called INtax that allows for the keying and electronic reporting of 25 - 2000 W2s. In order to use this system employers must register with The State of Indiana before 12-31-2010. 
Please visit for further information on the INtax system and for details on how to signup.
We wanted to make sure all ITCs were aware of this change since the 12-31-2010 registration deadline is fast approaching. 
If employers have more than 25 employees and do not report electronically Indiana imposes a $10.00 per W2 fine.