W2PROC issue reported

An issue that could effect the printing of amounts in box 12 of the W2 has been reported to us. This would only be an issue for an employee that had exactly 5 or 9 amounts that needed to be printed in box 12 on their W2 and should not impact a large number of employees. The issue is that the 5th or 9th box 12 amount was not being properly written to box 12 via an overflow W2.

We have isolated the issue and are currently working to correct it. We plan to release a patched version of W2PROC with this issue fixed by Monday 12-21-2009.


The patch for this issue along with a few other year end related updates were released through OECN_OOPS on 12-21-2009. A message was sent to all ITCs detailing the changes and how to install them.

Matt Calmes