Web-GAAP - October 2, 2009 Release

  • Web-GAAP will now go to the new online help, the Web-GAAP wiki. The Web-GAAP wiki will continue to be available at http://gaapwiki.oecn.k12.oh.us/Main_Page, as well as through the application links. 
  • Allow Journal Entries to be flagged to be created in new fiscal year with 0 amounts. This flag is available in the modified accrual, governmental restricted net assets, program revenue, full accrual, governmental consolidation, general capital assets, and general debt consolidation journals. When the next fiscal year is opened, the entries that were flagged to copy to next year will be created in the appropriate journal and fund (if applicable), with all the accounts used in the copied entry but with all zero amounts. The user will then be able to edit those copied entries to fill in the amounts and make any other needed changes. This should speed up data entry for “standard” entries. 
  • Bug fixes.