SSDT JIRA: Watch the sausage being made!

For some time the SSDT has been working towards making our software development process more open and transparent.  Users and ITC personnel should be able to see how we prioritize projects, what we're working on, see what's scheduled for the next release, and provide feedback if they think we're doing the wrong things.

After several delays, the SSDT has finally opened access to our "issue tracking" software so you can see what's going on (or what's not...).  Our tracking software is called JIRA and can be accessed at:

Anonymous users can access most things in JIRA (issues, road maps, etc). You can also self-register for an account and get addtional features (watches, custom filters, even voting).

Please see the SSDT JIRA FAQ for more information about SSDT JIRA and what you can expect to see there.