New Integrated SSDT Web Search

The default "Search" function on this web site now searches all SSDT web sites (this site, Documentation, Wiki, PDF's) with a single search.  This solves a major problem with the new web site since you had to have an idea where the information was before you could search for it.   The new search is based on Yahoo! Web Services (specifically Yahoo! Search BOSS).   Because Yahoo! searches all SSDT web sites, if you are looking for content related to a specific package, you should include the package name (USAS, USPS, EMIS, etc) in the search query.  Yahoo! does a good job of filtering documents based on package name.

You can still search for content directly on this site by clicking the "Content" or "Users" tab from the Search form.   For now, you can also still use the "Search xxxx Manuals" pages.  However, those pages are based on old technologies that will be phased out in favor of the Yahoo search.

Search Provider Too

The SSDT web site can now also act as a "Search Provider" in your web browser.  Next to the address field on most web browsers is a "Quick Search" bar.  By default, this searches using Google or MS Live (or Bing).   Some browsers (IE 7 and Firefox 2+) will allow you to add custom search provider so you can have custom search when looking for specific information. By installing the SSDT Search Engine, you can quickly search the SSDT's content right from your browser bar.

The basic process for adding a custom search provider is similar on each browser.  Just browse to any page on this site (while reading this page) and pull down the search bar.  On Firefox, just click 'Add "SSDT"'.   On IE 7+, choose "Add Search Providers" then click "SSDT".  From then on, when you want to search for SSDT content, just pull down the search bar and choose SSDT and do your search.

Below are screen casts showing how to add the SSDT provider and doing a simple search with the quick search bar.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, problems or suggestions for the search.

Adding SSDT Search to Firefox


 Addting SSDT Search to IE