OECN ITC Forum Registration Process

The OECN ITC Forum is restricted to ITC and ODE staff members and selected OECN partners. The forum may contain technical or copyrighted material which cannot be released to end-users or the public.

There is currently no method of automatically registering all ITC and ODE staff. This means that users must be authorized individually. Each site will be permitted to authorize it's own staff members using the procedures below.

Gaining access to the forum is a two step process.   First, you must "register" with the SiteScape Forum server. When you register with Forum, you are creating a login name for yourself .  This creates a "user profile" for you on the server that will be used when you post into the forums and to track your "unseen" counts.

Second, after you register, your login name must be "authorized" to access the ITC restricted forums. See the instructions below to be authorized.

Registering with the Forum

If you have not yet registered with the forum, return to the Summit and use the "Register Now" link. This will bring up a registration form. Complete the form and press the [OK] button. While registering, keep the following in mind:

  • For your "login name", we recommend you use your ITC name plus your VMS username. The login name is case-sensitive. For example: nwoca_smith
  • You must enter your full name, organization and email address.
  • Note: The Forum server uses HTML Forms based authentication. This means the username/password goes over the Internet without encryption. Therefore, you should never use the same password with Forum that you use with other accounts.
  • If you are uncertain what to enter for any fields on your profile, leave them blank. You can always revise your profile later.

Getting Authorized to access the ITC Forums

Your login name will be accepted by the server immediately. However, you will not be able to access any of the ITC Forum resources until your are "authorized".

If you are the first person from your ITC site to register with the forum, then send email to the forum adminstrators at forums@nwoca.org and request that your login name be authorized. Be sure to indicate the login name that you specified when registering. The adminstrators will send email to you once your login name has been authorized.

If anyone else at your ITC has been authorized, then they can authorize your new login name. This is the preferred method.  Once one or two ITC personnel have been authorized, then it is expected that staff members from a ITC site will authorize each other.   See Authorizing Other Users below.

Once you have been authorized, please notify the rest of your staff that you can perform authorizations. Each ITC may wish to elect one or two people to handle authorizations in the forum for thier site.

Authorizing Other Users

The OECN ITC Forum has been setup to allow any authorized user to authorize any other user. If you have already been authorized, you may grant access to other members of your staff. You should also remove staff members who are no longer employed at the ITC.

Note: This authorization process is based on a high-level of trust among the OECN sites. You must only authorize persons who are regular staff members of your ITC. The general rule is that you may authorize anyone that would normally be subscribed to the MAIL_STAFF list in UMP. You should only register users from your own ITC.   If you are requested to authorize someone from another ITC, suggest that they send mail to forums@nwoca.org instead.

To authorize someone to access the forum, do the following:

  1. If they have not already done so, have the person register with the forum as described above.
  2. Login to the forum under your own login name.
  3. Choose the "Authorize other registered users" link from the summit page.
  4. Locate the group for your ITC in the right hand column. You will only have authorization to modify your own ITC's group.  Click on your group and you will be presented with the current membership of the group.
  5. Click on the [Modify Group Membership] button at the bottom of the page.  If you do not see the modify button, then you are not correctly authorized to modify the group.  Send mail to forums@nwoca.org for resolution.
  6. Follow the instructions on the page to add or remove members from the ITC group.


Recent history suggests that some people have found it easy to accidentally delete an entire group or all members of a group.  The "Modify Group" dialog in Forum may be a little confusing.  Be careful when modifying a group that you don't press the "Remove All" button.  Since ITC can modify it's own group, you will not be able to affect other ITC's.  But if you do damage your own group, you'll be expected to fix it yourself (Send mail to forums@nwoca.org if you need re-authorized).

If you were previously authorized to access the ITC Forums, and suddenly don't have access, ask around as it's quite likely the problem was self-inflicted by someone near you.

Sample Authorization

Below is a screen casting showing how to add an existing Forum user to a ITC group.