W2PROC issue reported

An issue that could effect the printing of amounts in box 12 of the W2 has been reported to us. This would only be an issue for an employee that had exactly 5 or 9 amounts that needed to be printed in box 12 on their W2 and should not impact a large number of employees. The issue is that the 5th or 9th box 12 amount was not being properly written to box 12 via an overflow W2.

SSDT SOAP Services interference with back-end processing.

A frequently reported problem with the USAS/USPS SOAP services, is the problems they can cause for processing on the OpenVMS system due to file locking.  For example, a USPS user can not run "SAVEPAY" or CHKUPD because a Kiosk SOAP session has a file locked.  Or, a USAS user can not run ADJUST because a USAS Web user has the ACCT file locked.

Making Work Pay Credit Q/A

There have been many questions relating to the "making work pay" credit that was included as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Below is a question and answer website published by the IRS, which address some common questions about this credit.

Employee Forms

This page contains sample payroll related employee forms.  These forms are provided as only as samples.  The SSDT believes these forms comply with applicable laws and regulations, however, school districts should use their own judgement and seek legal advice if necessary.


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