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Testing USAS/USPS SOAP Services

As more vendors integrate with the USAS/USPS SOAP services, I've been increasingly asked how to test the SOAP services at an ITC to ensure the service is working and to ensure the "end point" URL being used is the correct one.

SSDT SOAP Services interference with back-end processing.

A frequently reported problem with the USAS/USPS SOAP services, is the problems they can cause for processing on the OpenVMS system due to file locking.  For example, a USPS user can not run "SAVEPAY" or CHKUPD because a Kiosk SOAP session has a file locked.  Or, a USAS user can not run ADJUST because a USAS Web user has the ACCT file locked.

Providing "OECN wide" mail lists without UMP

A brief history of the OECN lists

In the early days (now dark ages) of the OECN, there was a desire by ODE and the OECN to provide "state-wide" email distribution lists to allow users and ODE to reach all OECN users in a particular group (e.g.

OASBO 2009 Annual Conference: State Software Update Presentation

Attached is a PDF of my presentation at the OASBO Annual Conference on Thursday.

Experiences with SOAP, HTTPS and Ohio SIF Agents.

I'm posting this as a blog entry until I hear for sure how/if Edustructures is going to fix the Agent and Console configuration process.  When I know for sure, then I'll transfer this into the Wiki.

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