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EMIS Aggregations Wake @nwoca

As mentioned in my previous blog, the SSDT hosted a wake for the EMIS Aggregations.  The wake was in the form of free pizza (or subs for the East office) for NWOCA staff. I chose not to subject them to a speech...

End of an(other) Era: EMIS Aggregation Subsystem

For the first time in twenty years, the SSDT has not produced a version of the EMIS system on OpenVMS. In particular, we have not produced a version of the "EMIS Aggs" (formally, EMIS Aggregation Subsystem).  Tomorrow, the SSDT will be holding a wake for the system at NWOCA.

USAS/USPS Redesign Projects Status Update

At the OEDSA Fall 2010 Conference,  I presented an update to the USAS/USPS Redesign Projects.  The USAS-R project has been running since October, 2009 and the USPS-R project started in August 2010.

State of the USAS Address

At its October 2009 meeting, the SAC recommended making the second phase of the Migration Plan the SSDT highest priority.  This is the first time the SAC had recommended reducing development on the webapps and concentrating on migration of the OpenVMS backend to a modern, commodity platform.

OEDSA Confusion Regarding EMISFFE, IdM and AD??

Today I received an email saying (slightly paraphrased): 

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