Seeking a Definition of "Done"

In my previous blog post, I committed to issuing "Preview Releases" of the USxS-Redesign software by the end of 2015.  USAS-R was released to the  OECN ITC sites on 12/29/2015.  USPS-R was released on 1/19/2016.    These dates are not exactly what I had in mind (I had other ideas on how to spend the holidays).  However, given the amount of work we completed the last few months, I'm not unhappy with the results.

The purpose of the Preview Releases it to put the direction of the software back into the hands of the users.   Throughout the history of State Software, feedback from districts and end-users determined where the SSDT applied its efforts.

During the Redesign projects, the SSDT has been racing to reproduce the Classic software functionality using modern technology.   We understand well the core functionality that the software needs to provide.  So, up til now, we had not seeking direct feedback from users.

Now, we have rebuilt the basic core of the systems. We know the systems are not complete (and contain bugs).  We are seeking input from the users to help us define what "Done" means.  Your definition of "Done" is much more important than any definition that we might think of. 

If you choose to participate in the Preview Release evaluation, the most important question is:

What incomplete or missing features would you require before using the applications as replacements for Classic USAS or USPS?

Of course, we'll also be interested in bug reports, suggestions on usability, etc.  But the above question is the most important. 

If you are interested in learning more or participating in the PR evaluation, please see the links below: