Documentation Printing - CORRECTED

*******The PDF and WORD printing of the documentation has been corrected. It should print normally now. We reverted back to an older version of the Wiki.********

It has been reported that when a user tries to print a chapter out of our documentation the screenshots are lost and are now shown as:

                   Error rendering macro 'code' : null

This is due to a recent update to our Wiki. We have notified Atlassian of the problem to get this resolved. This does NOT affect the documentation when viewing it online.

At this time we are still going to allow the ability to print off the documentation in .PDF or Word because all the pertinent information is there it’s just the screenshots are lost. Again, users still have the ability to view screenshots online.

As year end approaches if you would like to print off documentation to hand out at year end meeting and you want the screenshots included we advise that you export to WORD remove all the “error null” references and use print screen to input screenshots for your users.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.