Legacy Cash Reports

We have had a lot of questions lately about Web-GAAP and the responsibility of the ITCs since the addition of the Legacy Cash Report section. I hope this helps to clarify any outstanding questions.

I have also attached a power point presentation about the Legacy Cash Reports in Web-GAAP that I did for our NWOCA user's at our NWOCA Conference. I have sent this out to a few individuals and thought everyone would benefit from it.

As an ITC staff member with group admin rights, your job is simply to create entity and user accounts and assign user access to entities.

 First I’d like to mention that the documentation for the Web-GAAP application is available by clicking here: http://gaapwiki.oecn.k12.oh.us/index.php?title=Main_Page

 Areas of importance to you would be the Setup and Admin menu options, the new Legacy Cash Report section, and possibly the Cash Upload section under the Setup menu. 

 Setting up Entity accounts– school districts.

When creating new entity accounts, the StateID is the school district’s district IRN and is now required to set up the entity.


New user accounts/granting access to users

As a general rule of thumb, user account passwords are created using the first initial/last name when possible. 

Example: Santa Claus’ username would be SClaus.


 Local users– From the Admin/Maintain Users and Access Control option, search for the user’s name before attempting to create a new account.

If you do need to create a new user account, I’d like to mention a new option available for treasurers only.

When creating the new user account, there is an “Administrator?” selection box.  Select the “Treasurer” option.  This new option allows the treasurer to view all users who have access to their school.  They also have the ability to delete users from having access to their school.  Please see http://gaapwiki.oecn.k12.oh.us/index.php?title=Maintain_Who_has_Access_to_Your_Entity for more information as to what the treasurer will see/be able to do.  You will not see this as you have group admin rights, not Treasurer rights.

This documentation is available via the Setup Menu, called “Maintain Who has Access to Your Entity – Treasurer option only”.


Independent audit firms/AOS- When granting access to users, first go to the entity’s account via the Maintain Entities option and make sure that you cannot locate them in the box titled “Users outside your group”.  This is very important so we do not have duplicate user accounts created for each ITC.

If you cannot locate the user via this selection box, you will need to create a Unicenter ticket and request that a new user account be created.  You will need to provide the user’s first and last name, email address and contact phone number.  Once the account has been created, you will then be able to grant access to the user.


Legacy Cash Reports section

The documentation for the Web-GAAP Legacy Cash Reports can be found here:  http://gaapwiki.oecn.k12.oh.us/index.php?title=Legacy_Cash_Reports  Please review this and pass along to your users as you see fit.

Legacy Cash Reports