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Web GAAP Training Videos

SSDT has created flash videos related to the Web GAAP application.  Each video is less than 5 minutes and includes an explanation along with a  sample run.   You can access the videos on the SSDT homepage under Projects - USAS. The videos are listed under the "Web GAAP Training Videos" section of that page.

Documentation Printing - CORRECTED

*******The PDF and WORD printing of the documentation has been corrected. It should print normally now. We reverted back to an older version of the Wiki.********

It has been reported that when a user tries to print a chapter out of our documentation the screenshots are lost and are now shown as:

Legacy Cash Reports

We have had a lot of questions lately about Web-GAAP and the responsibility of the ITCs since the addition of the Legacy Cash Report section. I hope this helps to clarify any outstanding questions.

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