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SSDT SOAP Services interference with back-end processing.

A frequently reported problem with the USAS/USPS SOAP services, is the problems they can cause for processing on the OpenVMS system due to file locking.  For example, a USPS user can not run "SAVEPAY" or CHKUPD because a Kiosk SOAP session has a file locked.  Or, a USAS user can not run ADJUST because a USAS Web user has the ACCT file locked.

Providing "OECN wide" mail lists without UMP

A brief history of the OECN lists

In the early days (now dark ages) of the OECN, there was a desire by ODE and the OECN to provide "state-wide" email distribution lists to allow users and ODE to reach all OECN users in a particular group (e.g.

OASBO 2009 Annual Conference: State Software Update Presentation

Attached is a PDF of my presentation at the OASBO Annual Conference on Thursday.

Experiences with SOAP, HTTPS and Ohio SIF Agents.

I'm posting this as a blog entry until I hear for sure how/if Edustructures is going to fix the Agent and Console configuration process.  When I know for sure, then I'll transfer this into the Wiki.

Making Work Pay Credit Q/A

There have been many questions relating to the "making work pay" credit that was included as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Below is a question and answer website published by the IRS, which address some common questions about this credit.

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