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2010 ITC Fiscal Year End Review Recording Available

ITC Staff:

A recording of the ITC fiscal year end review web meeting and the corresponding chat transcript is now available at the following location.

New EIS Flash Videos

SSDT has created flash videos on EIS FYE-related topics.  Each video is 5 minutes or less and includes an explanation and sample run on the EIS GAAP reports including separate videos for each EIS103 error.   You can access the videos at or on the SS

State of the USAS Address

At its October 2009 meeting, the SAC recommended making the second phase of the Migration Plan the SSDT highest priority.  This is the first time the SAC had recommended reducing development on the webapps and concentrating on migration of the OpenVMS backend to a modern, commodity platform.

OEDSA Confusion Regarding EMISFFE, IdM and AD??

Today I received an email saying (slightly paraphrased): 

Testing USAS/USPS SOAP Services

As more vendors integrate with the USAS/USPS SOAP services, I've been increasingly asked how to test the SOAP services at an ITC to ensure the service is working and to ensure the "end point" URL being used is the correct one.

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