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New EIS Training Guide

We have combined the EIS Beginner, EIS Intermediate, and EIS Advanced training guides into one manual called the "EIS Training Guide".  The new manual is located under the EIS Training Guide section of the EIS Documentation page on the SSDT website.  We have also removed the old manuals from the site.  The training files designed to accompany the new manu

EMIS Aggregations Wake @nwoca

As mentioned in my previous blog, the SSDT hosted a wake for the EMIS Aggregations.  The wake was in the form of free pizza (or subs for the East office) for NWOCA staff. I chose not to subject them to a speech...

End of an(other) Era: EMIS Aggregation Subsystem

For the first time in twenty years, the SSDT has not produced a version of the EMIS system on OpenVMS. In particular, we have not produced a version of the "EMIS Aggs" (formally, EMIS Aggregation Subsystem).  Tomorrow, the SSDT will be holding a wake for the system at NWOCA.

Web GAAP Training Videos

SSDT has created flash videos related to the Web GAAP application.  Each video is less than 5 minutes and includes an explanation along with a  sample run.   You can access the videos on the SSDT homepage under Projects - USAS. The videos are listed under the "Web GAAP Training Videos" section of that page.

Documentation Printing - CORRECTED

*******The PDF and WORD printing of the documentation has been corrected. It should print normally now. We reverted back to an older version of the Wiki.********

It has been reported that when a user tries to print a chapter out of our documentation the screenshots are lost and are now shown as:

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