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Reports of My Demise May Have Been Exaggerated

Last week, rumors broke that I am being replaced as the leader of the SSDT.  Like many rumors, this one has a hint of truth but may be a misunderstanding. 

Seeking a Definition of "Done"

In my previous blog post, I committed to issuing "Preview Releases" of the USxS-Redesign software by the end of 2015.  USAS-R was released to the  OECN ITC sites on 12/29/2015.  USPS-R was released on 1/19/2016.

Deductions by Job Withholding Issue Detected

We have recently verified two related issues in USPS that could impact medicare/FICA and city tax withholding. Both of these issues have to do with annuity amounts being applied incorrectly when withholding medicare, social security or the SAME city deduction multiple times using deductions by job.

Yarn, Tar Balls and Reindeer

I had a dream, nightmare really.  One of those compulsive things, like the Face Peeling scene from Poltergeist, where you know you should stop but whatever you're doing is more important than the risk you're taking.

State Software is [not] dead!



For some of you, this blog post will be in the "TL;DR" category (Too Long; Didn't Read). For you, here's a summary of the key points:

  • State Software is Not Dead
  • The Current software is still a good value and serving districts well
  • The Redesign projects:
    • Are taking longer than hoped
    • Are making signficant progress
    • Will have some remarkable capabilities

Keep reading if you want the details.

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