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This page contains information regarding the January 2017 release of State Software.  

Please see Acquiring the Release for information on downloading the release.

OECN Package ReleaseUSPS Release


ITC staff please be aware this release contains the updates for the new SERS per pay reporting changes. The timing of the installation of this release is critical.

All SERSREG files for January pay dates must be completed for ** ALL ** districts before installing the new release.  Districts should create the SERSREG monthly submission file for January as soon as possible so the new release can be installed. Once all districts have successfully created their SERSREG submission files for the month of January this release can be safely installed.

The release should also be installed before CHKUPD is executed for any February payrolls. If a district does run CHKUPD for a February payroll prior to the installation of this release please contact the SSDT support team as an update will need to be made to correctly set a required flag for the payroll in question. Once again the release should be installed after SERSREG has been completed for January, but before any February payrolls are executed through CHKUPD.

Any questions concerning this process should be directed to the SSDT support team.


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