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December 2016 Release

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This page contains information regarding the December 2016 release of State Software.  

Please see Acquiring the Release for information on downloading the release.

OECN Package ReleaseUSPS Release


Included in this release is an initialization program (USPS1612.EXE) and a corresponding command procedure (USPS1612.COM) that can be used to execute the initialization in batch. This initialization program must be executed against every school's files after the release is installed. It will properly initialize the new RITA and CCA reporting flags that are required due to RITA and CCA reporting changes (see the full release notes for more details).

The updated TAXTBL.IDX file is also included in the December release. This means that USPS will be ready to withhold using the appropriate 2017 withholding tables once the release is installed. Further information concerning this update can also be found in the full release notes below.


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