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August 2016 Release

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This release contains only a new version of the classic USPS web application. The new version corrects bugs that were released in version 1.10-1.

Web Applications

A new version of the USPS web application is available. This version (v1.11.0) corrects issues in v1.10-1. The main problems corrected affected the attendance mass add screen and popup search. The following WAR file is available via INSTALL_PACKAGE DOWNLOAD or (OECN username/password required):


The uspsweb.war v1.11.0 corrects problems with uspsweb.war v1.10-1. The SOAP service war was not affected and therefore does not need to be reinstalled.


This version is compatible with newer versions of Java and Tomcat, but remains compatible with previously supported versions.  That is, this version can be installed into existing versions of Java and JEE containers currently installed at ITCs.  However, because it also supports newer versions, ITCs are free to upgrade.

  • Supported:
    • Java 6 thru Java 8 (Java SDK 1.6 thru Java SDK 1.8)
    • Tomcat 6 thru Tomat 8.5 ( or JEE container supporting Servlet Specification 2.5 thru 3.1)
  • Recommended:
    • Java 8
    • Tomcat 8.5 (or JEE container support Servlet Specification  3.1)


This is the last release of the Classic web applications which will support Java versions prior to Java 8. Any future releases will require Java 8 and Tomcat 8.5.

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